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Evgeny Golod's personal website

It's a personal website of Evgeny Golod. I use this site to collaborate with my friends, colleagues and customers

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Hello, I'm Evgeny Golod. I don't yet use this site for any particular purpose except file sharing and testing capabilities of Office365, so you will not find here so much info about me.
If you're interested you can check my LinkedIn public profile or use a link in a section below to send me a mail.
Just a few words about myself (actually it's just a sort of copy-paste of my LinkedIn profile):
I spent the most of my career in IT-related consulting businesses, working for Russian and International companies.

Key areas of expertise: CRM-strategy, CRM-implementation, Front-Office solutions, Multi-Channeling, B2B and B2C eCommenrce solutions.

My “industrial” experience is mostly concentrated in Financial Services and FMCG industries.
You can easily contact me by e-mail.
Please be aware that I'm not committed to any SLA on answering public e-mails.
E-Mail: Evgeny Golod